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Meefx has provided basic course material to understand forex trading, in this basic material you will be explained how to start investing in the forex market.

What is Forex?
Foreign Exchange or commonly abbreviated as Forex is a transaction activity that exchanges foreign currencies. Forex in Indonesian itself is better known as foreign exchange or foreign exchange. This foreign currency exchange activity continues to occur because of the need to use foreign currency. For example, when you are visiting abroad, of course you need money according to the value of the currency in that country to make various transactions. This currency exchange is known as forex. Forex trading is also done by many people to be able to make a profit. Profit is obtained from the difference in profits traded in that currency. However […]
What are the advantages of Forex Trading?
Forex trading has recently become one of the most popular business opportunities. Because this activity can make traders make profits. And of course we know forex is a high return high risk investment. Plus, forex trading has been widely advertised in various media. The following are some of the advantages of forex trading when compared to other types of trading. The market is open 24 hours The forex market is open 24 hours, according to forex trading hours starting from Monday to Friday, and for Saturday and Sunday the forex market is closed. As for crypto, it is open every day or it can be said that it never closes. Forex trading is done online and can […]
What is needed in forex trading?
Public interest in the forex world continues to increase. In addition to understanding forex trading terms and strategies, forex activities in fact require a variety of electronic equipment equipment. The sophistication and performance of electronic devices play an important role when carrying out these trading activities. Some of this equipment has become a basic need and most likely already owned by traders. Here are the tools needed when trading forex. Computer or Laptop A computer or laptop is a very important requirement for a trader because forex trading is done online, but in the current mobile era, forex trading can also be done with a smartphone. But on the price movement chart on the mobile platform […]
How to trade forex?
Forex trading is not something as easy as imagined. This is evidenced by the number of new traders who experience loss while trading. Here are tips on how to trade forex as follows: Create a demo account Beginner traders are highly recommended to try the demo account in forex trading with the real forex market. By using this demo account, novice traders do not need to spend a dime. And of course there is no need to be afraid of losing money. After all, novice traders also have nothing to lose if they make mistakes. It is very easy to create a demo account. traders only need to register with a forex broker […]
How much capital is needed for trading?
Metatrader4 is a trading platform that is in demand by millions of traders in the world, the usual metatarder4 platform is also shortened to MT4, the function of this platform is to make buying and selling transactions for currencies, stocks and so on online 24 hours. Here's how to use MT4 with a pre-created trading account on meefx. 1. Please click Meefx Metatrader4 as shown below: 2. Next, please click next menu as shown below: 3. Next, please enter your trading account number and master password, then select the Meefx-Live server. If everything is done, please click Finish. Automatically […]
What is Currency or currency?
Currency is a form of currency created by the government of a country and circulating in its economy, used as a means of exchanging goods and services, as well as making the basis of trade. In the world of forex, there are a number of currencies that must be known because these currencies are widely traded and become the favorite choice of traders. Because of its popularity, some currencies have their own nicknames. The country of origin is often referred to as a "major country" because its currency belongs to the "Major Currency" category. The exchange rate of a currency can be fixed, floating, or semi-floating. Fixed means that the exchange rate of one currency is associated with another currency in a fixed amount. Floating means the free exchange rate is determined by the movements of the forex market, […]
To start trading, each client must have such a trading account. Meefx itself has 4 types of trading accounts, namely: Micro Account Learn More Standard Account Learn More ECN Account Learn more Pro IB Account Learn more Here […]
Before trading, the client must have a balance. Therefore, clients need to make a deposit on their trading account. There are several nominal types for deposits on meefx itself, ranging from […]
Before making a withdrawal, please note here that meefx emphasizes that when making a withdrawal, it must be in an account in a personal name. Not allowed to use other people's accounts. If caught using someone else's account [...]
Metatrader4 is a trading platform that is in demand by millions of traders in this world, the usual metatarder4 platform is also shortened to MT4, the function of this platform is to make buying and selling […]
It often happens when the client wants to trade but when logging in on MT4 the wrong password is entered, it could be because he forgot or the password is still the default so the password entered is […]
As it is known that a PIN is needed for security, one example is when making a withdrawal, you must require a PIN to process it. However, many of these clients forget when they will […]
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